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On View Now: Celebrate the Art of Zadikian, Kaloust Guedel, and KuBO!

During the first full weekend of the New Year, the Zadik Zadikian Project Studio will open with a special reception on Sunday, January 8 from 3:30 – 6:00PM. New work by Zadikian, Kaloust Guedel, and KuBO will be introduced. There will be remarks from art critic Peter Frank at 4:30PM. Organic light bites and festive drinks will be served. 
ProjectStudio1See image: from, left to right: “The Coronation of the Vagina” by Kaloust Guedel; “Foreigners” by Zadik Zadikian; “Once upon a time in the West” by KuBO

The Project Studio is located at 1318 E 7th. Street, L.A, CA 90021. Guests should enter through the main 7th Street gate at Market Court, accessible on 7th between S. Central Ave. and Alameda Street in downtown Los Angeles. There is ample free parking – drive back toward the 8th street end of the lot; the studio will be to your right (with a gold circle on the door).

With large windows lining its 60-foot long east and west walls, the atmospheric Project Studio distills the light-filled openness and vastness that Zadikian feels are the essence of Los Angeles as a place.  Transformed by the artists’ installations, the environment itself becomes the work of art, gracefully perched above the sprawling 7th Street Produce Market (closed on Sundays) and the city beyond.  The space will evolve continually as new layers, pieces, and artists make their marks.
See image: Zadik Zadikian Project Studio – “Foreigners” installation and copper leaf patina-ed east wall, both by Zadik Zadikian

Zadikian’s series “Foreigners” is installed on a free-standing wall at the south end of the studio.  He calls the gilded pieces “subconscious sculptures” that emerge from a deep, primal place, and reveal themselves as faces, individuals.  On the east wall overlooking the market, he has created an ethereal veil of patina-ed copper leaf that changes with the light and flutters as air circulates.

Guedel’s installation “The Coronation of Vagina” covers the north entry wall.  As if “painting” with vinyl against a bright blue ground, he layers translucence, reflection, and vivid color in a work that changes from every point it is viewed.  KuBO’sgreen wall, titled “Once upon a time in the West,”claims the western perimeter of the space, creating a dreamy, textured, and subtle counterpoint to the other artists’ work.

What: Opening reception
Where: The Project Studio is located at 1318 E 7th. Street, L.A, CA 90021
When: Sunday, January 8 from 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Website: http://www.zadikzadikian.com