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LAArtParty is an arts and entertainment website. Established in 2010, it is an online go-to guide for what's happening in and beyond the LA area - this includes dining, travel and more.

Founded by journalist, and "Blues Mama" Kathy Leonardo (a longtime performer), the campy site has an unusual slant which will keep you entertained. Leonardo has been writing for the past 15 years about various subjects for the Huffington Post, THRIVE GLOBAL, LA Weekly, etc.

Each month the LAArtParty staff, led by Kathy Leonardo decides which events will be featured. Posted at noon on the Thursday prior to the last week of the month, LAArtParty.com features the Top Ten Art Parties, plus other fun events each month. VIP subscribers find out ONE week prior to the public and receive discounts and invites to VIP parties throughout the year.

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On View Now: Skidmore Contemporary Art

Skidmore Contemporary Art presents a solo exhibition titled "Sasse, Classe, Fun en Masse" featuring artist Sara Abbott. "I am very excited to be showing at Skidmore Contemporary," said Abbott. "Lia is wonderful to work with." This new body of work merges broad vibrant brush strokes combined with her photographic pop imagery.
Jan13-2018-Skidmore-BestBehavior SaraAbbott
Sara Abbott, Best Behavior, Mixed media on canvas, 45" x 45", 2017

Here is some additional info about the artist provided by the gallery:
Abbott graduated with a degree in photography in Arizona and has studied and worked in art studios in Phoenix and Los Angeles with emerging and established artists. She became a founding member of 3carpileup, a well renowned studio/gallery and Chaos Theory, a momentous annual group show. This helped pioneer the now vibrant art scene found in the warehouse district in downtown Phoenix.

She works in both the fine art and commercial worlds. Her Fine art has been in museum exhibitions and galleries nationally and collected by many private and corporate collectors. Commercially she has had success working across the world with top designers and has been represented in the television and movie industries.

On view: January 13 - February 10, 2018

Where: Skidmore Contemporary Art, Bergamot Station 2525 Michigan Avenue, B-4 Santa Monica, 90404
Phone: 310-828-5070
Website: http://www.skidmorecontemporaryart.com/

On View Now: Upper West, Harrison Love

Upper West Restaurant in Santa Monica welcomed a new artist...Harrison Love in November 2017. Like most of us Harrison enjoys the food at Upper West, along with the ambiance. He will be showing paintings from several series…”I work on several series of works at a time to help keep my mind active. Sometimes the best solution to a difficult problem within my work is to set it down and work on something else for a while. Sometimes I find that it is important to relax my eyes and mind by working on something else and then returning to painting refreshed.”
Harrison Love, The Rite of Spring, oil on canvas

Harrison has spent much of his life abroad…He was born in New York, but his parents moved to Brussels Belgium when he was quite young. Born into an artist family, he lives and breathes art - creating every day. “I began drawing and painting at a very early age. I started by playing with my parent’s art supplies in their studio and continued to learn from the talented artists in my family.”

He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, then lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Peru, Colombia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He currently works out of his artist studio in the Brewery in downtown LA.

Visit Harrison’s website at BrightFuturism.com

What Opening reception
Where: Upper West, 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404
Phone: 310 586-1111
Website: http://www.theupperwest.com

On view Now: Gabba Gallery

Gabba Gallery presents four simultaneous solo exhibitions by Dytch66, Cyrus Howlett, Spacegoth, and Kate Kelton. Curated by Jason Ostro and Elena Jacobson.Jan6-2018-GABBA 
Robert "Dytch66" Gomez emerged in the 1980's when graffiti became a lifestyle. In his first show of 2018, Dytch66 brings us his solo show Evolution. He uses motifs and subject matter such as water and animals to exemplify the evolution of his style while maintaining his roots in the LA graffiti scene.

In his second solo show, "Give and Take," Cyrus Howlett explores the expressive power of hands. Vibrant brushstrokes of red, yellow, and teal pop against fields of raw plywood. The artist deftly infuses a timeless figure study format with his cool, street art sensibility. The results are fresh, evocative, and unmistakably modern.

"Spacegoth" has a niche in knowing how to make darkness feel inviting and accessible. The paintings in her latest exhibition, The Void, depict hilarious grim reapers, endearing devils, and enchanting white-eyed woodland animals. Spacegoth's new show will invite you to step into the void, and maybe even embrace it.

Kate Kelton's latest exhibition, "ARTSTAR" explores the idea that art is immortal. She uses a monochromatic palette on unfinished wood (some inside miniature, hinged chess boards), painting the faces of her favorite artist and adorning them with the headdresses her grandfather carved for a train station in Prague. Merging classical subject matter with modern techniques, ARTSTAR is "reclaimed, reapplied art nouveau."

image courtesy of Gabba Gallery; Works by Dytch66, Cyrus Howlett, Spacegoth, Kate Kelton

On view: January 8 - January 27, 2018

Where: Gabba Gallery is located at 3126 Beverly Blvd.

Website: http://www.gabbagallery.com/

January 6, 2018: HIVE Gallery

Celebrate Hive's 9th annual Tarot show. 22 artists are making custom paintings of the major Arcana for outreach new self-published deck.

Featured Artist 1: Sandra Yagi Featured Artist 2: Cody Jiminez
Jan6-2018-HIVE-mantarayglider-SandraYagiSandra Yagi, manta Ray hanglider, Oil on panel. 12x12

Also featured....Major Arcana artists: The Fool: Zachary Friedberg, The Magician: Jef Logan, The High Priestess: Christiane Shillito, The Empress: Ken DoughertyThe Emperor: Lady Beaver, The Hierophant: Micah Ofstedahl, The Lovers: Nicole Filiatrault, The Chariot: Opal Unicorn, Strength: Mari Shimizu, The Hermit: Lowail Wheel of Fortune: Licsi, Justice: Melany Meza Dierks, The Hanged Man: Mr.Melty, Death: Jeremy Gregory, Temperance: Wendy Gadzuk, The Devil: Joe Holliday, The Tower: Sam Ford, The Star: Ryan Ebelt, The Moon: Meesha Goldberg, The Sun: Mary Delioussina, Judgement: Celene Petrulak, The World: Johnie Thornton.

On view: January 6 – 28, 2018

Where: Hive Gallery, 729 S. Spring Street, LA, 90014
Website: http://hivegallery.com/

On View Now: Blue 7 Gallery

Blue 7 Gallery presents a group exhibition titled "Light and Shadow." Curated by Randy Ball and Lucius Peterson, the opening reception took place on  December 10, 2017. 
The Blue 7 Collective consists of local and nationally known artists. There are paintings, photography, jewelry, sculpture, and fabric art. The theme delves into the issue of contrasting light and dark to project the ideas of the artist.

Artists include: Randy Ball, Richard Bilow, Indie Cameron, Mary Cohen, Evi Debes, Matthew Ehrmann, Vicki Fisher-Lerer, Mercedes Garcia, Kim Gardner, Flora Golden, Mary Hansen, Greg Alan Jankowski, David Klein, Joel Kopplerman, Meryl Lebowitz, Alice Lundsford, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Arcy Murillo, Wanda Norman-Storey, Donald Paonessa, Esther Pearlman, Lucius Peterson, Warren Quintos, Bruce Sanders, Christine Sawicky, Robert Sherman, and Lisa Wald,

One of the particpating artists, Christine Sawicky will be exhibiting a work titled Just Father and I. She explained her inspiration for the piece. "I was walking on the pier and I was observing this father and son...I was very close to my father when I was little...they reminded me of my dad and I. Just hanging out...talking about life...while looking out at the ocean. It's a big world out there...but the father and son seemed to just take in the beautiful ocean and the magnitude of what the world has to offer. In a world of their own...just the two of them."
Dec10-2017Blue7Gallery-ChristineSawicky edited-1
Christine Sawicky, Just Father and , Charcoal on paper, 22 3/4 x 25 1/4

Blue 7 Gallery a unique hybrid combination of a picture framing store and a art gallery. Its gallery mission is to put art in collectors' homes, whether you drive a Ferrari—or ride the Big Blue Bus and provide reasonably priced framing. Artists are local, national and international. Works of art range from experimental to accessible.

Where: Blue 7 Gallery, 3129 Pico Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (310) 449-1444
Website: http://Blue7Gallery.com

On View Now: ViCA Celebrates "Art in Place."

"Art in Place.," curated by Juri Koll, Director of ViCA (the Venice Institute of Contemporary Art) opened on Saturday, November 4, 2017. The exhibition will be on view by appointment and is located at the Newberry Lofts in Long Beach. Selected artists include KuBO, Renee Tanner, Gloriane Harris, Cosimo Cavallaro, MB Boissonault, Matt Ehrmann, Christine Sawicky, Linda Stelling, Theodore Svenningsen, Ron Therrio, and Reginald Van Langenhove, and works from the collection of ViCA by artists such as John Baldessari, Sam Francis and Edmund Teske.
To encourage new relationships with ViCA, an open call for the group show was held. There will be catalog issued for this exhibition, a solo show for one chosen artist, 6 or so multi-work presentations, alaong with a group show with 40+ individual artists.

ViCA, in association with Engel & Völkers (representing the Newberry Lofts) is presenting the exhibition. Mr. Koll is curating artwork for more than 7000 sq. ft. of exhibition space in several newly completed condominiums at the Newberry Lofts located on historic Pine Ave. in downtown Long Beach, CA. This art fair format is an incredible opportunity for both seasoned veterans and emerging talent in Southern California to exhibit and network with peers, showcase new work to clients and patrons.

There will be ample parking for the event, refreshments and hors d'ouvres, and a musical performance to be announced. 

On view: December 2017 

What: Art Party
Where: Newberry Lofts, 433 Pine Ave., Long Beach, California 90802
Website: https://www.veniceica.org/

Kline Academy - Art Classes!

Kline Academy of Fine ArtKline-Academby-Patio-1
3264 Motor Avenue, (Near National), Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 927-2436; (310) 837-7194; http://www.klineacademy.com


Beginning Drawing Foundations | Instructor: Julio Labra | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm | 4 Wks: $240 ...............................................

Beginning Painting Foundations | Instructor: Julio Labra | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm | 4 Wks: $240 ...............................................

Renaissance Drawing | Instructor: Terry Kelly | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm | 4 Wks: $240 ..............................................

Beginning Classical Painting | Instructor: Cheryl Kline | Time: Wed. 6:30 - 9:30pm or Thur. 10am - 1pm | 4 Wks: $240 .........

Classical Painting Workshop | Instructor: Cheryl Kline | Time: Wed. 6:30 - 9:30pm or Thur. 10am - 1pm | 4 Wks: $240 .........

KlineAcademy-Foundations-1Beginning Figure Drawing | Instructor: Terry Kelly | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm | 4 Wks: $260 .......................................

Beginning Figure Painting | Instructor: Terry Kelly | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm | 4 Wks: $260 .......................................

Figure Drawing & Painting Workshop | Instructor: Terry Kelly | Time: Sat. 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm | 4 Wks: $260 ...................

Tonal Figure Drawing | Instructor: Ira Korman | Time: Tue. 6:30 - 9:30pm | 6 Wks: $390 ............................................................

Classical & Contemporary Portrait Painting | Instructor: Cheryl Kline | Time: Wed. 2 - 5pm | 4 Wks: $280 ................................

Michelangelo: Controposto e Anatomia | Instructor: Thomas Garner | Time: Wed.10am - 1pm | 6 Wks: $420 ..........................


KlineAcademby-Hal-Damian-a-2See image: Hal Damian at work

Beginning Abstract Painting | Instructor: Scott Yeskel | Time: Mon. 7 - 10pm or Tue. 10am - 1pm| 4 Wks: $240 .....................

Abstract Painting Workshop | Instructor: Scott Yeskel | Time: Mon. 7 - 10pm or Tue. 10am - 1pm| 4 Wks: $240 .....................

Contemporary Painting Workshop | Instructor: Cheryl Kline| Time: Thur. 7 - 10pm | 4 Wks: $240 ..............................................

Outdoor Landscape Painting | Instructor: Sharon Weaver| Time: Fri. 10am - 1pm | 4 Wks: $240 ...............................................

Relief Scuplture | Instructor: Gavin Gardner | Time: Tue. 6:30 -9:30pm | 6 Wks: $399 .................................................................

Painting Environments | Instructor: Kenny Harris | Time: Mon. 9:30am - 12:30pm | Coming Soon .............................................


KlineAcadeby-2Finding the Essence of the Figure with Juliette Aristides | 3 Days, Fri. - Sun., Mar. 11 -13, 10am - 5pm | Price: $695 .............

Call for Info
Zorn Palette Color Workshop with Brianna Lee | 2 Days, Sat. - Sun., Apr. 23 -14, 10am - 5pm | Price: $395 ............................

Call for Info
Gold Foil and Oil Painting with Pam Hawkes | 5 Days, Mon. - Fri., June 6 - 10, 10am - 5pm | Price: $1249 ...............................

Call for Info
The Classical Figure, A Modern Approach with Robert Liberace | 3 Days, Fri. - Sun., Aug. 26 -28, 10am - 5pm |

Cloud Painting Workshop with Cheryl Kline | 1 Day, Call for Date, 10am - 4:30pm |Price: $225 ....................................................

Attn Artists: Large Figurative Paintings Needed for Upcoming Exhibition!

You may already know that LAArtParty.com reps artists and curates exhibitions. We actually guarantee bookings (with a one on one Artwork-stockphotorepping package, which also comes with FULL guaranteded promotion via one of our PR partners (placement in local newspapers and on other popular websites). We also work with partner galleries all over Los Angeles who have agreed to book our LAArtParty artists. We receive calls for specific types of work and occasionally we do go out of our artist network to help our partner galleries find exactly what they need. We also collaborate with other curators, reps and Pr companies.

Right now we are looking for large works (figurative is preferred). We need over 20 works (5' x 4') ALL From ONE artist, but they CANNOT all be from the same series. We are looking for a variety of styles (some abstract may work) - just paintings (at this time). Stay tuned, we were just approached by a new collector ....looking for photography. If we cannot fill this via our artist ads, we'll be sure to put it out for an open call. We are looking to visit studios to see work this coming week and through October 15. 

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL our EVENT submission EMAIL. If you would like your artwork to be considered for this next exhibition. PLEASE SEND TO CHRIS CARR at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   ONLY!!!  PLease SEND LOW RES IMAGES ONLY!
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Come to LAArtParty.com, an active art platform to meet and mingle...Sell your art or promote an upcoming event NOW!

Just go to Paypal, sign in and send money to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to purchase a year ad package for just $600 and receive an ENTIRE YEAR of Media Exposure on LA Art Party.

Remember many popular websites link to LA Art Party, such as the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, and more.