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LAArtParty is an arts and entertainment website. Established in 2010, it is an online go-to guide for what's happening in and beyond the LA area - this includes dining, travel and more.

Founded by journalist, and "Blues Mama" Kathy Leonardo (a longtime performer), the campy site has an unusual slant which will keep you entertained. Leonardo has been writing for the past 15 years about various subjects for the Huffington Post, THRIVE GLOBAL, LA Weekly, etc.

Each month the LAArtParty staff, led by Kathy Leonardo decides which events will be featured. Posted at noon on the Thursday prior to the last week of the month, LAArtParty.com features the Top Ten Art Parties, plus other fun events each month. VIP subscribers find out ONE week prior to the public and receive discounts and invites to VIP parties throughout the year.

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How does my event get a FREE Listing on LAArtParty.com?
LAArtParty.com posts MONTHLY events - We look for the TOP TEN best art parties (and a 20-25 more) and post the last week of each month. If you think your event qualifies to be a top ten event - fill out the below info PLUS send us a press release.

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4. Top 10 Tidbits Checklist (fill this out exactly in this order & format in addition to the above blurb):

     Title of the Event:

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     Parking Options:



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What is LAArtParty?

LAArtParty is an event listing website and a go-to guide for what’s happening in the Arts and Entertainment World in the LA area. This also includes the best deals in restaurants, special local promotions from retail stores, etc. Since its launch in 2010, readership has climbed at an unbelievable rate and has become a well known platform for helping art lovers connect to artists and galleries.  

At the helm of LAArtParty is writer and social butterfly, Kathy Leonardo, who has been writing about art and entertainment events for the past 15 years. For years, Kathy received calls from people throughout the city asking about which events she recommended for that weekend.  The website LAArtParty.com became a natural progression to keeping so many people posted on the pulse of the Los Angeles cultural scene. The Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Westside Today and many other publications (which Kathy writes for) all link to LAArtParty. Kathy also happens to be a blues/jazz/country singer/songwriter whose fans in that world overlap into the art world.

Meet the LAArtParty Family:

Kathy Leonardo: Publisher - Editor - Blues Mama
Kathy Leonardo has been published in the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, The Argonaut Newspaper, Artillery Magazine, Downtown News and many local and national publications (see below for the full list). She writes about art, music, theatre, restaurants and fashion. Leonardo has a column called Talk of the Town in the Santa Monica Mirror and another column called Art Hopping with Kathy Leonardo in Westside Today.

Chris Carr: Copy Editor - Staff writer
Steve DePena: Videographer - Staff Photographer 
Tina Lynch: Office Manager - Social Media Maven
Richard Bilow: staff Photographer

Additional Staff writers include: Anya Baroff, Michael Baroff, Ron Birnbach, Nancy Feinberg, Barbara Kosoff, Briana Gustafson, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Erin Juliana and more.

What does LAArtParty do?

Each month, Kathy and her team of staff writers carefully curate a list of the best arts and entertainment events taking place in LA that month. A Top Ten List of Art Parties / Events are choosen along with an Additional Art Parties/Events Page featuring 20-30 events (sometimes more). Each Top Ten event receives its own URL on the website (300 words and a photo) and is featured in our Top Ten list of events (on the home page).

Our team of writers also research and review events in arts, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and LA Fairs or Festivals. See Event Review Page.   

LAArtParty offers FREE weekend listings for events that meet LAArtParty submission guidelines and are related to art, entertainment, food or fashion. They also have to be FUN!!! And that’s not all! If you are a gallery, artist or local business interested in working with LAArtParty more, we offer many services including opportunities in the Partner Gallery Program which also benefits artists.

Click here to learn more about getting listed with one of or FREE or paid options.
Click here to learn more about booking live music & talent for your events or a VIP art tour to galleries and artist studios in a limousine.

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Many of our staff writers have been published in several publications and online sites, including The Argonaut Newspaper, Artslant, Beverly Hills Courier, Campus Circle, California Chronicle, the Downtown News, the Examiner, LA Tourist, LA Weekly, Patch (Aol) websites, Santa Monica Daily Press, The Santa Monica Mirror, The SM Observer, Singular City Magazine, SoCal.com, Venice Beachhead, Visit California, The West Hollywood Independent, the WhiteHot Magazine, World Sentinel and others.

See Kathy's Writing Page to read some of Leonardo's recent articles in local LA publications: Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Argonaut Newspaper, Artillery Magazine,Downtown News, Santa Monica Mirror, THRIVE GLOBAL, as well as the international magazine WhitehotMagazine.

Want to be part of the LAArtParty Family?
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Pitch Repping for Visual Artists

About Pitch Repping for Visual Artists:
LAArtParty refers to “pitch repping”  as a service for a select group of artists we help to exhibit more in Los Angeles.  We are happy to call venues and partner galleries for you.  We pitch your art so you can focus on what you do best, making art!  LAArtParty has partnered with galleries all over LA who are excited about booking our artists.  If selected for this program, we guarantee artists 3 exhibitions per year.  We also work with high end restaurants, interior designers, local businesses and retail venues. When the work of our selected artists is included in a show, the event will receive full coverage on LAArtParty.com.  Many of our artists also work with one of our PR partners. We welcome partnerships with other reps, curators and PR companies.

Give Kathy Leonardo or Chris Carr a call at 682 587-7766 for more information and rates for any of the above services.

Write for LAArtParty!

LAArtParty.com is always open to working with new writers. If you are interested in writing for LAArtParty.com, send 3-4 links of your most recent work.
If you don't have any wrting experience...no worries, start as an intern and learn the ropes. 

Reviewers are needed to attend ticketed events (ticket prices range from $75 - $300 per person) - art galas, theater, music, dance, food and wine events too. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Services: Art Tours, Band Bookings and Talent for Your Events!

Customized Art Tours

VIP Limousine Art Tours: Sit back, sip champagne and we’ll set up gallery and studio visits just for you in Los Angeles.  Gallerists will be happy to explain current exhibitions and offer excellent investment opportunities, while artists reveal inspiration and techniques in the privacy of their own studios. Avoid lost time spent looking for parking or energy wasted paying attention to traffic.  Let us be your GPS and build a custom tour while you enjoy the moving party!  This is perfect option for art collectors visiting LA or those in town who would like to take their hands off the wheel and take in the art scene with ease. 

Event Planning:

Book Live Music & Talent of all Types: Bands including musical groups, duo or solo performers in all genres; belly dancers, stilt walkers, MC/comedians, live painters, red carpet photography, video services and more. Select artists and musical acts come with FREE publicity for your venue. LAArtParty also offers pro sound systems for rental with a sound crew.

Give Kathy Leonardo or Chris Carr a call at 682 587-7766 for more information and rates for any of the above services.