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If you are thinking you don't want to invest in advertising now, we offer a small FREE option as well as paid options depending on how much you see wanting to promote your event now. Click here to return to paid posts. Many popular websites such as the Huffington Post, LA Weekly, Westside Today, etc., link to LAArtParty.com

How does my event get a FREE Listing on LAArtParty.com?
LAArtParty.com posts MONTHLY events - We look for the TOP TEN best art parties (and a 20-25 more) and post the last week of each month. If you think your event qualifies to be a top ten event - fill out the below info PLUS send us a press release.

Just cut and paste the below submission guidelines into your email including the Top 10 Tidbits Checklist (below), attach a jpg image and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line:

Submission Guidelines for a FREE MONTHLY listing:

1. Use the Subject line: "Submission: (add your event date)"

2. Send by our Deadlines: Events must be submitted no later than the second week of the previous month.

Got it? If you want to guarantee tht your event will be featured, you can contact us to purchase a feature for $50. Then send a full press release.

3. Submit a 30 word blurb in plain text describing the details of your event. Be sure to explain if this is an exhibition or performance or other type of event. We cannot retrieve the information from fliers, press releases or newsletters and these submissions won't be listed. As this is a free listing, it must be sent in our format to ensure getting listed. Please write in third person and list the names of participating artists and performers. Do not capitalize entire words. Submissions with entire words capitalized will not be accepted.

4. Top 10 Tidbits Checklist (fill this out exactly in this order & format in addition to the above blurb):

     Title of the Event:

     Date of Event:

     Hours of Event:

     Dates of the show:

     Admission charge:

     Will wine or refreshments be offered?:


     Parking Options:



5. Attach a jpg image. We LOVE images at LA Art Party! ALWAYS inlcude an image. Horizontal images are PREFERRED (send as a jpge 72dpi sized at 550 pixels wide). A flier in a jpg format may also be used as an image. We will not use a flier to import information to fill out your Top 10 list above, that must be filled out by you. We can use a flier as a photo posted with your event only.

Please help us help you by following the above guidelines. This will help ensure that your event will be listed and attract more people! If you would rather LAArtParty.com do the work for you, you can purchase an ad or a custom package. Click here to learn more how we can help you.

If you are having problems cutting and pasting this format go to the right top of our website (Pink - Want to be the Next Pick of the Week) and cliick on Add your event Today!

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